Boun Ok Phansa, also known as the End of Buddhist Lent, is a significant nationwide celebration in Laos. This auspicious occasion marks the conclusion of the three-month period of Buddhist Lent. During this time, people engage in various activities to accumulate merit and show their devotion to Buddhism.

One of the main customs during Boun Ok Phansa is visiting temples. Devotees flock to temples across the country to make offerings and pay respects to Buddha. These offerings often include food, flowers, and other symbolic items. The act of visiting temples is seen as an opportunity for individuals to seek blessings and cleanse their minds and souls.

Another popular tradition during Boun Ok Phansa is participating in candlelit processions. In the evening, people gather at temples and walk in a procession while holding candles. This practice symbolizes the light of wisdom and is believed to guide departed souls to a better rebirth. The serene ambiance created by the flickering candlelight adds to the spiritual atmosphere of the event.